A fair cloud service that
respects your privacy

Please note: This is a Free Beta.
Please send your feedback to feedback@operationtulip.com

Some of the services we provide


Cloud storage

50 GB of storage, accessible through Nextcloud. You can mount it as a drive on your computer.



Easy to use email client which connects to your existing email service via IMAP and SMTP.



Sync events from various devices and edit them online. Accessible through CalDAV



Accessible through CardDAV. Easily sync contacts from various devices and edit them online.


Libre Office Online

Edit documents and spreadsheets directly in your browser. Who doesn’t love spreadsheets?


Web Search

A privacy-respecting highly configurable metasearch engine with a wide variety of sources available.

Fair and libre

You have the option to remain anonymous throughout the system. We are not interested in knowing who you are, what you do, or what you like or want.

We aim to offer a unique payment system that is fair, good and guarantees your integrity by offering the ability to pay as you go instead of paying in advance. We only want you to pay for a service that you’re really happy with.


We use free software in our environment – KVM + CEPH – on our own hardware in our own facility. That means that we have complete control over the hosting and combined with one of the best internet service providers in the world – Bahnhof. We believe that we can offer something unique and become a compliment to your current services by giving you control over your data.

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